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Principal Kafele’s Workshops

SCHOOL LEADERSHIP (full and half day available)

Critical Questions for New and Future School Leaders (The ASPIRING Principal 50) 
In schools across America, there are thousands of classroom teachers who aspire to one day become school leaders.  They are either thinking about enrolling in a graduate school leadership program; they are already in a program or they have completed the program but have not yet landed their first administrative position. They are hungry and eager to lead. The problem is that many of them do not have the necessary access to seasoned and effective school leaders (other than their own) who can share with them the ins and outs of school leadership to help them determine if this is what they truly want to do.  On the other hand, there are a plethora of new principals across America as well who were successful assistant principals but learned very quickly that being in that number one position as the principal is a completely “different world of leadership” from the AP position. This workshop was designed for both, the aspiring school leader and the new principal. It fills the void of those heart-to-heart conversations with seasoned principals. It provides new and aspiring principals with a wealth of information to consider toward becoming effective school leaders. This workshop (or series of workshops) is particularly useful as a compliment to an existing district leadership development program.

Is My School a Better School BECAUSE I Lead It?
In this empowering workshop for principals and assistant principals, Principal Kafele will challenge each participant to examine their own leadership identity, presence, impact, mission, purpose, vision and value as the leaders of their schools, which will include discussions on whether or not they have in fact defined these leadership attributes within themselves. The entire workshop is highly engaging and interactive. It promises to inspire principals and assistant principals to think deeply and critically about their roles as leaders of their schools and whether or not their schools are better schools because they are the leaders of them. As Principal Kafele states in his opening, “My intent is to create discomfort, tension and uneasiness in the room. Inspiration lasts for a few hours. Discomfort, tension and uneasiness endure until they are corrected.”

Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring School-wide Excellence (THE PRINCIPAL 50)
Based on Principal Kafele’s best selling book, The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring School-wide Excellence, Principal Kafele makes the case that building a learning environment that inspires school-wide excellence can never be overstated; particularly in lower-performing schools. In this high-energy, highly-engaging workshop, Principal Kafele will challenge principals, assistant principals and aspiring principals to look critically within themselves through reflective questions about their leadership practices relative to how they inspire energy, excitement and enthusiasm for learning throughout their buildings daily. In his inimitable style, Principal Kafele will lay out the touchstones for maintaining strong leadership habits, inspiring excellence and collaboration in others, and engaging an entire school community in striving to be the best.  Topics include: The Attitude of the Leader, School Brand, School Climate and Culture, Building Collegial Relationships, Instructional Leadership, Accountability and Responsibility, Planning and Organization, Professional Learning for the Leadership, Professional Development for Staff, and Parental and Community Engagement.

Does Instruction Thrive Under My Leadership: A Discussion on Effective Instructional Leadership
Principal Kafele contends emphatically that, “The purpose of staff supervision is the continued improvement of instruction!” Due to the complexities of the principalship, it is easy for principals to be so inundated by the non-instructional aspects of school leadership that the instructional side of their leadership suffers. When their instructional side suffers, it adversely impacts the entire school. The principal is the instructional leader of the school. Consequently, there is a direct correlation between how effectively the principal leads the school instructionally and student achievement. To that end, in this highly-engaging, self-reflective workshop (or keynote address), Principal Kafele will provide school leaders with strategies toward maintaining a focus on the instructional side of their leadership toward increasing the probability that achievement will soar. Topics covered will include the correlation between instructional leadership and student achievement; building collegial relationships with staff; planning, organization and time management; and the principal as professional developer.

Climate & Culture are a Reflection of MY Leadership!
It is easy to look at a toxic school climate and culture and attribute this reality to external factors that inevitably impact a school adversely such as home and neighborhood challenges and realities that ever-so-often accompany students into the building. In this highly-engaging self-reflective workshop (or keynote address), Principal Kafele will make the case that despite home and neighborhood adversities that might accompany students into a school, school leaders can nevertheless command a powerful influence over the climate and culture of their schools. He contends that despite the challenges of the work, the climate and culture of the school are a direct reflection of the school’s leadership. Topics covered will include, the attitude of the leadership, the intentionality of the interactions and relationships in the building, the school’s brand identity, and parental / community engagement.

“Who Is That Leading MY School?” An Examination of the Principal’s Leadership Identity, Presence and Impact
In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, Principal Kafele will challenge school leaders to look critically at who they are, what they represent and their impact as the leaders of their schools. Specifically, he will challenge each school leader to identify, analyze and assess what his /her own leadership identity, presence and impact mean to the academic performance of their respective schools through a series “uncomfortable” self-reflective questions. The intent of these questions is to force school leaders to look within themselves with a critical eye toward how their leadership identity, presence and impact in their buildings translate into the academic growth of their students and the professional growth of their staffs.

Maximizing the Role of the Assistant Principal Beyond the Role of School Disciplinarian (for assistant principals)
In far too many schools across the U.S. – particularly inner-city urban schools, the assistant principals are relegated to the role of “disciplinarian” or “Dean of Students.” They spend entire school days disciplining and suspending instead of leading and inspiring as instructional leaders must do.  In this high-energy and highly interactive half or full-day seminar, Principal Kafele provides assistant principals with the knowledge they need in order to function as instructional leaders as opposed to school disciplinarians.  Principal Kafele contends that far too many assistant principals are ill-prepared to step into the role of principal because they simply have not been trained to function as principals and they haven’t been given the day-to-day exposure to instructional leadership.  This workshop will provide assistant principals with the “tools” they need in order to approach their current positions differently. They will be better prepared to assist the principal instructionally, while they simultaneously prepare themselves for a principal leadership position in the future.

The INTENTIONALITY of School and District Leadership Effectiveness
In this empowering workshop, Principal Kafele takes school and district leaders on an in depth, self-reflective, highly interactive journey that will force participants to view with a critical eye who they are as the leaders of their schools, departments and districts which will include the intentionality behind all aspects of their practice. Principal Kafele will challenge school and district leaders to look deep within themselves for greater meaning and understanding of their own personal value and worth to their schools. As one principal stated at a workshop on this topic, “Principal Kafele, your questions have shaken the very foundation upon which my leadership stands!” This workshop is certain to take participants to higher levels of school leadership effectiveness.

CLASSROOM TEACHING (full and half day available)

*NEW* “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me…I Just Don’t Learn the Way You Teach”
Too many brilliant children are often overlooked academically because time wasn’t taken to discover how they process new information, make sense out of new information, think, and learn. Consequently, they quickly become bored in school and in far too many cases, become behavioral challenges or candidates for Special Education. In this highly-engaging, self-reflective workshop (or keynote address), Principal Kafele will take teachers on an introspective journey of reflecting upon their current instructional practices toward engaging all of their learners while simultaneously discerning their current levels of effectiveness. He will also engage teachers in a self-assessment of how cultural responsiveness and equity factor into their instruction, and how they go about planning and organizing toward addressing all of learning styles in their classrooms.

*NEW* Climate & Culture Cannot Be Transformed With Disciplinary Referrals
Classroom management is a perennial hot-topic in education circles. Teachers can so often be heard grumbling, “If I could just get them to behave appropriately in my classroom!” In the numerous cases when students do not, a disciplinary referral is frequently generated, handed to the student and brought by the student to a disciplinarian for consequences. In this highly-engaging, self-reflective workshop (or keynote address), Principal Kafele makes the case that classroom management isn’t the problem. He contends that classroom management is too “micro.” Instead, he challenges teachers to think “macro.” To that end, he takes teachers on an introspective journey of the overall climate and culture of their classrooms while engaging them in a self-reflective discussion of their attitudes toward their students, the strategies they employ toward keeping their students motivated and engaged, the intentionality of the relationships that they nurture with their students and how effective they are with engaging their students’ parents.

Critical Questions for Inspiring Classroom Excellence (THE TEACHER 50)
Based on Principal Kafele’s new book, The Teacher 50: Critical Questions for Inspiring Classroom Excellence, this empowering, introspective workshop takes teachers on a self-reflective journey designed to challenge them to think deeply and critically about their current practices relative to how they inspire classroom excellence. Teachers will discover numerous ideas for strengthening their practice and investing in student success. This workshop is an indispensable must for teachers who want to give their absolute best in the classroom at all times and under all circumstances. Topics include: The Attitude of the Teacher, Student Motivation, Classroom Climate and Culture, Building Relationships, Classroom Instruction, Cultural Responsiveness, Teacher Accountability, Planning and Organization, Professional Development and Parental Engagement.

Closing the ATTITUDE Gap
The discussion on gaps in student achievement continue to be one of the most important discussions in education today; particularly as it relates to the underachievement of children of color. Equally challenging for educators is the continued lack of student motivation, undesirable student behaviors and the overall underachievement of at-risk student populations across racial and ethnic lines. In this highly engaging, thought-provoking workshop, Principal Kafele will assert that the greatest difficulty to closing the achievement gap is the overwhelming assumption that the achievement gap is in fact, the problem. He says that the achievement gap is a direct consequence of the failure to adequately address what he coined, the Attitude Gap (the gap between those students who have the will to achieve excellence and those who do not) that continues to persist in American classrooms. He will share with teachers how to close the Attitude Gap in their classrooms through the following five strands: Environment for Learning, Attitude toward Students, Relationship with Students, Compassion for Students and Relevance in Instruction.

“Just Level the Playing Field and Watch Me Excel!” – Ensuring a Commitment to Equity in All Classrooms for All Learners
One of the current hot topics in education is district, school and classroom level equity toward underserved student populations. This highly engaging, interactive, self-reflective workshop focuses on equity at the classroom level. It challenges classroom teachers to look within themselves relative to how they see, treat and relate with their underserved students. It challenges classroom teachers to confront whatever biases they may bring to this population of students that may be either blatant, subtle, undetected or unacknowledged. It argues that high-performance is an impossibility in classroom environments where equity fails to exist. Principal Kafele will engage teachers in a very sensitive yet healthy conversation on classroom equity in the areas of: The Attitude of the Teacher, Student Motivation, Classroom Climate and Culture, Building Relationships, Classroom Instruction, Cultural Responsiveness, Teacher Accountability, Planning and Organization, Professional Development and Parental Engagement.

Motivating, Educating and Empowering the Black Male Learner
The plight of the Black male learner continues to pose a major challenge for educators at all levels throughout the U.S.  In this highly engaging, thought-provoking workshop, Principal Kafele will provide educators with an analysis as well as specific strategies that can be implemented immediately toward effectively motivating their Black male learners to strive for academic excellence. He contends that the crisis of the Black male learner is much deeper and far wider than simply deficiencies in math and reading. With a national high school graduation rate of only 47% coupled with staggering suspension rates and chronic underachievement, Principal Kafele contends that clearly, we as educators have failed to identify the true essence of the problem. He says that as long as schools fail to capture the attention of their otherwise brilliant Black male learners, we will continue to see large numbers of them joining gangs, winding up in juvenile detention facilities and dying in the streets. Principal Kafele will share proven strategies he’s used over his 21 year “mission” as a public school teacher and principal which inspired thousands of his Black male learners to consistently soar academically through the following five strands: Attitude toward Black Male Learners, Relationship with Black Male Learners, Compassion for Black Male Learners, Relevance in Instruction and an in depth discussion on how to launch a Young Men’s Empowerment Program in your school.

The Intentionality of Excellence in Your Classroom
An extension of Principal Kafele’s popular workshop and book, Closing the Attitude Gap, this workshop challenges teachers to look deep within themselves for the passion and drive that are essential for sustained teacher success; particularly with at-risk student populations. In this high energy, interactive workshop, Principal Kafele says that it is one thing to “strive for excellence” which can translate into a never-ending pursuit that is never attained, but its something entirely different to be “excellent on purpose” which is a collective classroom or school-wide attitude that “we are intentionally excellent.” It’s a declaration by students and staff that “in this classroom or school, our excellence is deliberate.”

This workshop is an absolute must for any school, district or college-level teacher preparation program that is serious about developing teachers who are “intentionally excellent” within their practice of teaching. It can be presented as a half day or full day presentation.


Critical Questions for Effective Parental Engagement (THE PARENT 50)
According to research, children perform better in school when their parents are involved in their education.  Although parental engagement / involvement continues to be a major challenge for many schools across the U.S., the fact is that there are many parents who are extremely well-intentioned, but simply at a loss for what to do to facilitate the educational process while their children are at home.  In this empowering workshop, through an assortment of reflective questions, Principal Kafele provides parents with the “tools” they need to be effective “educators” of their children at home while simultaneously providing solid support while their children are at school.  Topics include: Essentials for Success, Encouragement for Success, Empowerment for Success, Character for Success, Literacy for Success, Historical Competence for Success, Nurturing for Success, Accountability for Success, Monitoring for Success and Choices for Success.

Raising a Son in the Absence of His Father (For Single Mothers)
According to current national data, upwards of 70% of Black children are born into households where the only parent present is the mother. This has significant implications for Black males where far too many mothers continue to struggle with teaching their sons how to become men. The overwhelming majority of these single mothers are extremely well-intentioned, but simply lack solid information and strategies toward being successful. In this powerful, high-energy and interactive workshop, Principal Kafele provides single mothers with information and strategies that can be immediately implemented toward motivating, educating and empowering their sons for success.


To Be a Man
The first in a three-part series of workshops specifically designed for males of all ages and ethnicities. This workshop provides characteristics of what it is to be a good man in relationship with himself, while providing strategies for self-development.

To Be a Husband
The second in a three-part series of workshops specifically designed for males of all ages and ethnicities. This workshop provides characteristics of what it is to be a good husband in relationship with his wife, while providing strategies for developing, maintaining and strengthening male – female relationships.

To Be a Father
The third in a three-part series of workshops specifically designed for males of all ages and ethnicities. This workshop provides characteristics of what it is to be a good father in relationship with his children, while placing a particular emphasis on building strong and productive relationships between fathers and their sons.

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